Las elecciones de 1994 y 1996 en la República Dominicana: Coyuntura política y crisis en ocaso de los caudillos

Revista Mexicana del Caribe 01/2001; VI(11):-.


This article examines the electoral processes in the Dominican Republic from 1978 to 1996, with particular emphasis given to the 1994 elections, seen as a significant moment in the electoral system. The principle ideas in this article are: firstly, that the elections of 1994 and 1996 were groundbreaking, in the sense that they brought about a reordering of the Dominican political system in 1994; and to a generational change in 1996. Secondly, that Dominican democracy is still weak and lacking institutionalism Ñwe could call it a ÒsemidemocracyÓ, or Òhybrid democracyÓÑ. Thirdly, that the Dominican political system is still caught up in caudillo party politics, which delays both its evolution and its transformation. Finally, I believe that the Constitutional modifications made in 1994 did little to improve the quality of the incipient Dominican democracy as they were conceived of only within the limits of an electoral strategy aimed at removing Joaqu’n Balaguer from the Presidency.

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