ChemInform Abstract: Discovery of Pentacyclic Compounds as Potent Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus NS5B RNA Polymerase

ArticleinBioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 19(3):633-8 · February 2009with12 Reads
Impact Factor: 2.42 · DOI: 10.1016/j.bmcl.2008.12.039 · Source: PubMed


    We report a new series of inhibitors for hepatitis C virus NS5B RNA polymerase containing a constrained pentacyclic scaffold. Our SAR studies led to the identification of hexahydroindolo[2,1-a]pyrrolo[3,2-d][2]benzazepines exposing basic groups. The compounds displayed a high activity in the enzyme assay and displayed good activity in the cell-based (replicon) assay in the presence of serum proteins.