Standardized Palmar Plating of Dorsally Displaced Distal Radius Fractures

Clinic for Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Caritas-Krankenhaus, Uhlandstraße 7, Bad Mergentheim, Germany.
Techniques in hand & upper extremity surgery 06/2013; 17(2):106-111. DOI: 10.1097/BTH.0b013e31828e0e86
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With the inauguration of fixed-angle plates, palmar plating has become a widely accepted way to treat dorsally displaced distal radius fractures. The technique by which the plate is applied to the radius varies. Such plates are primarily fixed either distally or at the proximal limbs. In this article, the standardized technique by which osteosynthesis is conducted in our institution is described step by step. The plate is first fixed to the shaft. Reduction is temporarily maintained by K-wires that run through the plate's distal margin. These K-wires are usually reliable in maintaining adequate reduction and are gradually replaced by locking screws in the distal row. Of 96 consecutive procedures, the duration of operation, the amount of fluoroscopy needed, and the intraoperative radiographic results are reported. Using this method, constantly good results can be achieved, even if the operation is done by less experienced surgeons.

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