The Other Diana

NWSA Journal 07/1999; 11(2):138-145. DOI: 10.1353/nwsa.1999.0014


This essay is written in memory of my friend and colleague,
anthropologist Diana Elizabeth Forsythe, who predeceased Princess Diana by
several weeks. News of my friend's death, memorials, and academic journals
dedicated to her memory traveled by listservs and word of mouth. The
San Francisco press also published an in-depth article about her. Word
of Princess Diana's death was conveyed by a media-produced spectacle
that spanned days and was broadcast throughout the world. Both women were
mourned publicly but in rather different ways. In the course of unbraiding
my own responses to each woman's death, I have reflected on Diana
Forsythe's strategic use of her research to refract crucial moments
and relationships in her life, our friendship, and the phenomenology
of grieving.

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