Microarrays and microneedle arrays for delivery of peptides, proteins, vaccines and other applications

ArticleinExpert Opinion on Drug Delivery 10(8) · May 2013with35 Reads
Impact Factor: 4.84 · DOI: 10.1517/17425247.2013.797405 · Source: PubMed


    Peptide and protein microarray and microneedle array technology provides direct information on protein function and potential drug targets in drug discovery and delivery. Because of this unique ability, these arrays are well suited for protein profiling, drug target identification/validation and studies of protein interaction, biochemical activity, immune responses, clinical prognosis and diagnosis and for gene, protein and drug delivery.

    Areas covered:
    The aim of this review is to describe and summarize past and recent developments of microarrays in their construction, characterization and production and applications of microneedles in drug delivery. The scope and limitations of various technologies in this respect are discussed.

    Expert opinion:
    This article offers a review of microarray/microneedle technologies and possible future directions in targeting and in the delivery of pharmacologically active compounds for unmet needs in biopharmaceutical research. A better understanding of the production and use of microarrays and microneedles for delivery of peptides, proteins and vaccines is needed.