Goulden, C. E. (Editor 1977). Changing Scenes in the Natural Sciences, 1776 1976. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Special Publ. No. 12. 362 pp.



Series of chapters on Evolution and Systematics, Population Genetics, Ecology, Behavior and Sociobiology by authors G. Evelyn Hutchinson, Robert R. Sokal, Ernst Mayr, Peter H. Raven, A. C. Wilson, Thomas Uzzell, Warren J. Ewens, E. B. Ford, A. J. Cain, John L. Harper, Daniel H. Janzen, Robert M. May, C. E. Goulden, Ruth Patrick, Howard L. Sanders, R. T. Paine, Eliot Stellar, E. O. Wilson, R. D. Alexander, and R. A. Hinde

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