Troubleshooting: Chilled water distribution problems at the NASA Johnson Space Center

ArticleinHeating, piping, and air conditioning 67(2) · January 1995with74 Reads

Various modifications over the years had skirted a problem with low chilled water {Delta}T without solving it. This article examines how discovering the cause could help improve the system`s present level of efficiency. The NASA Johnson Space Center had long had a problem with chilled water (CHW) distribution to the 40 buildings served by the Central CHW plant. originally designed in 1964 for a 16 F temperature drop across the central plant chillers, the chilled water system could only attain a 7 F {Delta}T on average and a 10 F {Delta}T at best. This meant not only that twice as much CHW as originally intended had to be pumped around the 5 mile campus loop to satisfy the cooling load but also that the seven 2,000-ton chillers in the central plant couldn`t be loaded much beyond half of their capacity.