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A Meta-heuristic Method for Cluster-based Channel Assignment in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Conference: The 32nd IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications,INFOCOM 2013, Volume: Student Session


In this paper, a centralized algorithm on the basis
of ant colony optimization (ACO), a well-known bio-inspired
model is suggested as a channel assignment scheme. The
suggested method is applied for a cluster-based MANET and
aims at minimizing the number of used channels while
satisfying the co-channel interference constraints. The
suggested algorithm is examined for two scenarios and the
obtained results are compared with a GA-based (genetic
algorithm) scheme.

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DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3965.5522 · Available from: Mahboobeh Parsapoor, Sep 28, 2014
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    ABSTRACT: Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) has an important role in next generation wireless networks; it can potentially provide higher performance of wireless communication networks in terms of reliability, scalability, stability and spectrum efficiency. Cognitive radio networks are on the basis of radio nodes equipped with a cognitive engine (CE); it can manage spectrum and change transmission parameters using artificial intelligence methods in particular bio-inspired optimization methods. This study investigates spectrum management problem in cognitive ad hoc network in particular mobile ad hoc network with cognitive nodes. The spectrum management problem can be summarized as channel allocation and cluster formation problems that are both multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems, which can be addressed with bio-inspired optimization algorithms, i.e., genetic algorithms and swarm intelligence methods. In this thesis the focus are on the convergence characteristics and multi-objective functions.
    Full-text · Thesis · Jun 2013