[Investigation into the controlled release behavior of gemcitabine-loaded nanovesicles].

ArticleinZhonghua yi xue za zhi 88(28):2005-7 · August 2008with3 Reads
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    To prepare gemcitabine-loaded nanovesicles and to observe its morphology, structure, particle size, and drug-release performance in vitro.
    Diemulsion technique was used to prepare nanovesicles as carrier from amphiphilic block copolymer of poly (ethylene glycol)-block-poly (D, L-lactide), and gemcitabine was used as the model drug. The morphology of vesicles was determined by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM), and its drug loading (DL), encapsulation ratio (ER), and drug-release curve in vitro were detected by UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer.
    The Gemcitabine-loaded nanovesicles is a kind of hollow nanosphere with the mean size of 200.6 nm, DL of 4.14% and ER of 20.54%. The nanovesicles showed its excellent controlled-release characteristic in the experiment of drug release in vitro.
    The nanovesicles prepared from PEG-PDLLA can be served as one of carriers for Gemcitabine with good performance of drug controlled-release. It will provide a reliable experimental base for the further researches in vivo.