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The need of information system and networks for survival into information society

... In addition, they provided a platform for further activities (Mahmood, 1998a, b). Shafique and Mahmood (2010) described the present scenario of information technology development in libraries and said that "The basic hurdle in the proper use of available information systems and networks is that existing information systems are not robust and well planned, as a result unable to facilitate the actual users in realistic planning and decision making" (p.15). Haq and Ahmed (2012) ...
Advances in computer technology combined with communication technologies have exerted unprecedented pressures for change on libraries. This study investigated the measures to be taken for strengthening information technology in Pakistani libraries. The critical issue identified provides closer insight into the issues affecting overall implementation of IT. This study found out that condition of IT implementation in Pakistani libraries is very pathetic. It highlights the status of existing information technology facilities in Pakistani libraries. It highlights the barriers in the way of IT implementation e.g. scarcity of funds, low level of IT education in library schools, shortage of expertise, obsolete syllabi of library schools, no arrangement for continuing education, lack of planning in IT implementation projects. There seems to be a direct correlation between the IT education in library schools and level of IT implementation in libraries. There is a widening chasm between LIS education in developing countries and those in developed countries. In the light of research questions data were analyzed and elaborated. On the basis of findings, recommendations were given. Key words: IT education, IT implementation Pakistani libraries
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This paper presents bio-bibliometric analysis of the contributions of Dr. Khalid Mahmood in the field of Library and Information Science through his publications. The analysis includes geographical and year wise distribution of publications; collaboration for publication; publications by type; language and journal preferences for the publication; and coverage of different subject areas. Results of the study indicate that Dr. Khalid Mahmood is a prolific writer in the field of library and information science. He contributed 115 items including 99 articles, six books, eight conference papers and two papers in newsletters till December 31, 2011. Research work by Dr. Khalid Mahmood is well accepted in developed countries like United Kingdom and United States of America. He used English language to disseminate majority of his research work. He believes in teamwork and about two third of his research work was result of collaboration.
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