[Haemophilus meningitis in properly vaccinated children: Report of three cases.]

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Archives de Pédiatrie (Impact Factor: 0.41). 04/2013;
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The 1993 introduction in France of the vaccine against the serotype b of Haemophilus influenzae (Hib) resulted in a fast reduction of invasive infections caused by this species. However, despite the introduction of a booster dose, cases of Hib meningitis can still be observed, even if they are exceptional. We report here on 3 cases of Hib meningitis observed at Rennes University Hospital, which occurred during the winter seasons between 2007 and 2010, in properly vaccinated infants and children aged 9, 14, and 29 months. Progression after treatment was satisfactory in all 3 cases, and no immune deficiency was detected. After 18 years of the vaccination policy in France, these observations demonstrate that a risk, although much lower, of Hib meningitis persists in infants and children, including in vaccinated patients, and that strains still are circulating within the general population.

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