Patterns of tobacco usage and cessation practice among the doctors of a tertiary hospital in Kolkata

ArticleinJournal of the Indian Medical Association 110(7):434-6, 438 · July 2012with7 Reads
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    The study was aimed to know the prevalence of smoking among medical population in Bengal. For this purpose, pretested and predesigned questionnaires were distributed among doctors of one tertiary medical college hospital in Kolkata. The survey showed that 89.39% of male doctors used tobacco in any form at any point of their life. But, only 27.69% of female doctors used tobacco including present, past and occasional user; 30.3% of male doctors and 6.15% of female doctors have given up the habit. Smoking was the most prevalent form of tobacco usage among male doctors (42.42% are regular user and 12.12% are occasional user). Chewing is the most prevalent among female doctors (15.38% are regular user and 1.53% are occasional user). Some use tobacco in the form of smoking and chewing. Most of the doctors started the habit of tobacco use during their college days. There is a trend of giving up the habit particularly after the age of 40 years. So, the use of tobacco is quite prevalent among male doctors in Bengal. But, it is very much appreciable that there is a trend of giving up the habit. As most of doctors adopted the habit during their college days,more emphasis should be given on study course regarding hazards of tobacco, so that future doctors do not adopt the habit and become role model in the society.