Determination of Bioactive Compounds in the Juice of Pummelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck)

Dipartimento di Scienza del Farmaco e dei Prodotti per la Salute (SCIFAR), University ofMessina, viale Annunziata, 98168 - Messina, Italy.
Natural product communications (Impact Factor: 0.91). 02/2013; 8(2):171-4.
Source: PubMed


The juice of pummelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck) was analyzed to determine its composition of flavonoids, polymethoxyflavones, coumarins and psoralens. The analyses were carried out by HPLC using columns packed with small diameter Fused-Core C18 particles to achieve high resolution in short analysis time. In addition, the profile of the native carotenoids present in the juice was determined using a C30 column. Identification of flavonoids was achieved by MS with ESI in negative mode; the MS acquisition of oxygenated heterocyclic compounds was performed in positive APCI; carotenoids were detected with a PDA detector. Nineteen native carotenoids were determined in pummelo juice for the first time. The composition of this juice is also discussed in comparison with other Citrus juices, especially grapefruit.