Bartholin's gland carcinoma: Epidemiology and therapeutic management

François-Rabelais University, Tours, France
Surgical Oncology (Impact Factor: 3.27). 03/2013; 22(2). DOI: 10.1016/j.suronc.2013.02.004
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Primary carcinoma of the Bartholin's gland is a very rare malignancy of the vulva. Of the utmost importance in the management of these tumors is the management by specialized gynecological oncologist at referral centres. Gynecologists should always consider these unusual neoplasms as a differential diagnosis of potentially benigns lesions of Bartholin's gland. Treatment modality must be tailored to each patient: each histological type of these unusual neoplasms has their natural history and may require a different level of operative aggressiveness to obtain the optimal outcome. Given the rarity of this disease, there have been no prospective randomized trials to evaluate optimal treatment. Therapeutic principles in the management of median vulvar cancer are applicable for Bartholin's gland carcinoma. In this review, we aim to update the current knowledge on the treatment of Bartholin's gland carcinoma.

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    • "Th e majority of these neoplasms (80%) are carcinomas and adenocarcinomas. A rare histological type, which accounts for 15% of the Bartholin gland ' s tumours, is the adenoid cystic carcinoma (Hwang et al. 2012), while there are other histological types that are diagnosed in less than 5% of Bartholin gland malignancies, such as transitional cell carcinomas, poorly diff erentiated adenocarcinomas, adenosquamous carcinomas, sarcomas and melanomas (Woida and Ribeiro-Silva 2007; Ouldamer et al. 2013). An extremely rare histological type of primary malignancy of the Bartholin gland is the clear-cell adenocarcinoma. "

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    ABSTRACT: Most lesions of the Bartholin gland are cysts or abscesses. Clinicians are taught that lesions of the Bartholin gland occurring in older women should raise the differential diagnosis of malignancy, although these are uncommon. Avariety of more unusual and rare lesions of the Bartholin gland have been reported. This review focuses on these less common entities, which must be considered as well when encountering pathology of the Bartholin gland. © 2014, American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology.
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