Arts and Design Studies Architecture and Emerging Cities: The Impact of Technological Change in Building Material A Study of Minna, Nigeria


The rapid development of modern city can be attributed to the new technologies in building construction, urbanization and the need to change the urbanscape of the city, the ever changing needs of the society and persisting environmental problems has also necessitated the emergence of new cities all over the world. Thus, Architecture plays a pivotal role in the design and implementation of modern cities and towns. The Impact of industrial revolution gave rise to new materials to the Architects of the 20th century: reinforced concrete, steel and glass, these new materials were inexpensive, mass produced and flexible to use, thereby serving as main building components. The aim of this paper is to check the level of technology in regards to building materials used in construction in Minna. The paper will identify modern building materials currently used in construction and the existing local building components and materials that are visible in the buildings in Minna. Findings were appraised along with the impact of technology on building materials by analyzing the level of modern building materials that have been used in construction. The paper finally concluded that impact of technology is evident in the transformation of the Indigenous Architecture of Minna although some buildings are still built with the use of crude techniques and with the combination of modern and traditional building materials.

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