Invertebrados marinos de la zona central del golfo de Ana María, Cuba

Revista de Investigaciones Marinas 01/2012; 32(2):30-38.


Nowadays there is little information about the biological diversity in the Ana Maria gulf. Most of the research in that region has been focused on fisheries and the hydrological character. Thus in 2011 a research project was initiated to fill this information gap. This paper presents a list of 105 species of marine invertebrates identified in the central part of the Ana Maria gulf. The mollusks was the best represented group of invertebrate’s animal with 43 species that represented a 40.9% of the total, followed by the echinoderms with 26 species and 24.8% of the total. The largest keys (Cuervo, Algodón Grande y Bergantines) harbored the highest species richness. These results provided a baseline for future research to deepen the study
of the diversity and ecology of marine invertebrates in the sampled area and other areas of the gulf.

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