Conference Paper

Most popular contents requested by users in different Wikipedia editions

Conference: 4th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development (KEOD)


This paper aims to analyze how the most requested and
contributed contents in Wikipedia may significantly vary depending on the
considered edition. The on-line Encyclopedia has become a prolific research topic,
mainly in aspects related to the assessment of its contents and in its evolution
forecasting. However, very little effort has been devoted to deal with the kind of use
given to Wikipedia by its visitors, either occasional or subscribers. Thus, our work
aims to explore the utilization made of Wikipedia through a classification of the most
requested and contributed contents in some of its editions. This way, we will be in
position of determining which type of contents attracts the highest numbers of visits
and contributions in these editions and which can be a good indicator of the use given
to them by their respective community of users. Apart from the subsequent comparison
purposes, such examination may reveal interesting topics such as the transmission of
tendencies over the different Wikipedia editions, as well as particular user patterns
exhibited by the corresponding communities of users.

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Available from: Antonio J. Reinoso

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