Enhancing transformational facilitation skills for nurses seeking to support practice innovation

Practice Development Unit, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (Randwick), Randwick. Email: , 2. Honorary Clinical Fellow Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, University of Technology Sydney, 3. Associate Lecturer University of New South Wales.
Contemporary nurse: a journal for the Australian nursing profession (Impact Factor: 0.65). 03/2013; DOI: 10.5172/conu.2013.2143
Source: PubMed


Abstract Aims To provide an overview of the development, implementation and process evaluation of a program for nurses seeking to develop the knowledge and skills required to facilitate practice innovation. Method The twelve month Facilitation in Clinical Practice Program was underpinned by transformational Practice Development methodology. The Program included a series of workshops, active learning groups and supported by experienced facilitators, using a co-facilitation model. Evaluation occurred continuously throughout the Program. Results Participants evaluated the Program positively and were able to apply their evolving knowledge and skills within their everyday practice. Their major areas of learning included active participation in their own learning, an increased valuing of diversity within the group and application of their learning in facilitation of Practice Development initiatives. The co-facilitation model was found to challenge and support ongoing development of the facilitators. Conclusions Participation in the Facilitation in Clinical Practice Program enhances nurses' knowledge and skills for undertaking transformational Practice Development.

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