Torsion of a neoplastic intrascrotal testis: when the torsion reveals the mass. A case report and review.


Cases of torsion of the spermatic cord are rare in men over 30-years-old. Testicular tumors manifest themselves rarely with symptoms of acute scrotum. We report the case of a 38-years-old patient who presented for a suspected left testis torsion. On examination, the testicle was markedly increased in size and painful. The manual derotation made pain dramatically disappear. He came to our attention after about a month asking for an orchidopexy. During the surgery a biopsy was performed. The diagnosis was a Yolk Sac Tumor. A radical inguinal orchiectomy was performed with left hemiscrotal excision, "in block". He performed four cycles of chemotherapy and with no recurrence after 12 months of follow-up. In literature only seven cases of torsion of an intrascrotal testicle with cancer are reported. Our case is the eighth one.

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