Uma análise da produção acadêmica sobre Logística Reversa no período 2005-2010

Revista de Logística da Fatec Carapicuíba 12/2012; 3(2):27-41.


This paper analyzed forty articles published in SEMEAD and SIMPOI event´s in the period 2005 to 2010, in order to verify that companies that adopt the reverse logistics obtains competitive advantage, apart from its importance to environmental sustainability, through the conclusions reached by the researchers in their work. The study revealed that the focus on the use of Reverse Logistics companies can be categorized into five types: cost reduction, improved corporate image, changing processes, competitive advantage and environment’s concern. Since most of the articles (27.6%) as the stress factor for the adoption of reverse logistics companies, to reduce costs. However, a broader analysis involving the five categories and win by grouping costs, cost reduction (27.6%) and change and process improvement (19.7%), and another group in the improvement of corporate image (19.7%), increased competitive advantage (18.4%) and concern for the environment (14.5%) was obtained by differentiating the advantage, as Porter (1980), concluded that such factors will lead to companies gain a competitive advantage in the market they serve.

This research doesn't cite any other publications.