Nearly itinerant ferromagnetism in CaNi_ {2} and CaNi_ {3}

Physical review. B, Condensed matter (Impact Factor: 3.66). 06/2012; 85(22). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.224432


Single crystals of CaNi2 and CaNi3 are successfully grown out of excess Ca. Both compounds manifest a metallic ground state with enhanced, temperature-dependent magnetic susceptibility. The relatively high Stoner factors of Z=0.79 and 0.87 found for CaNi2 and CaNi3, respectively, reveal their close vicinity to ferromagnetic instabilities. The pronounced field dependence of the magnetic susceptibility of CaNi3 at low temperatures (T<25 K) suggests strong ferromagnetic fluctuations. A corresponding contribution to the specific heat with a temperature dependence of T3lnT is also observed.

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Available from: Anton Jesche, Jan 24, 2014

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