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Social Work. An Introductory Text Book



Social work is a field of study in social sciences. It is mainly concerned with the study of social problems and social interventions. Social work sets to study individuals, groups, community and institutions and these remains as the academic boundary of the subject. Social work is also regarded as a practice discipline, because unlike the other social sciences professionals, social workers involve in direct practice and intervention in the field. This book is classified in to five parts, namely the foundation component, the methods component, the fields of practice components and the advance skills and professional development components.
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Women's empowerment is a crucial determinant of a country's progress. Equal rights distribution is a primary reason for increased socioeconomic development. The current study also aims to investigate the role of Social Service Institutions to empower women in the United Arab Emirates. The researchers randomly selected a sample of n= 60 respondents from three social welfare organizations in the UAE. The researcher employed One-Way Analysis of Variance and Multiple Regression Analysis to affirm any existing relationship between social service institutions, and women empowerment. Findings indicated a strong significant relationship between social service institutions, and women empowerment (p ≤. .000, p ≤. .001). The results also revealed that women from all the selected organizations are enjoying equal opportunities regales of their gender, nationalities, marital status, education, age, and workplace. Therefore, the respondents expressed a positive opinion regarding equitable rights distribution and appreciation from their workplaces. In this regard, the researcher recommends more studies highlighting the role of social service institutions concerning women and children's rights advocacy in the UAE.
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