The Core of Medical Physiology- Volume 2

Edition: First, Publisher: Khartoum University Press, ISBN: 978-99942-880-6-5


The field of medical physiology is considered difficult by many students because it needs integration of concepts from various branches of science including physics, chemistry, anatomy and biology. On the other hand, a safe medical practice requires understanding of many physiological principles like fluid and electrolyte balance, acid base balance and cardiopulmonary functions. This book presents medical physiology in an easy, digestible context, and it includes not only the basic physiological principles but also essential clinical facts and relevant examples that assist medical personnel in their clinical practice. However, it should not be regarded as an alternative to the well known references in this field.
Special thanks to all members of my family for their great help, understanding and patience for nearly two years; during editing and typing of this book.
I hope that this book will be found interesting and useful by everyone who uses it. I believe that perfection is a goal that one can hardly reach, for this, I will be very grateful to receive any comment, criticism or correction for improvement in the future.
Dr. Tarig Hakim Merghani

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