Hazards of Chemical Rockets and Propellants. Volume 2. Solid Propellants and Ingredients

Article · June 1985with17 Reads

This manual is intended solely as a source of information and as a set of basic guidelines for the processing, handling, storage and transportation of chemical rocket and gun propellants and propellant ingredients. Contents of this volume include: SOLID PROPELLANT PROCESS OPERATIONS; Safe Practices; Gun Propellant Process Operations; Rocket Propellant Manufacture and Processing Operations; Small Arms Propellant Process Operations; Other Operations Related to Propellant Manufacture; Storage and Surveillance; SOLID PROPELLANT INGREDIENTS PROPERTIES, AND HAZARDS; MATERIALS; FUELS; Metals; Binder Ingredients; Oxidizers; PLASTICIZERS; STABILIZERS; BURNING RATE MODIFIERS; SPECIAL PURPOSE CHEMICALS.