The Economics of Aquaculture with Respect to Fisheries, Seminar Proceedings

Article · February 2006with54 Reads
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Includes: Introduction, by Lorenzo Venzi; Welcome Address, by Stefano Gazzano; Section 1: Overviews and Reviews; The current state of the world aquaculture, by Raymon van Anrooy; Governance economics of capture and aquaculture fisheries, by Kenneth J. Thompson; Aquaculture and fisheries interactions: implications for the global supply of fish, by Ragnar Arnason; Review of environmental issues in fish farming: empirical evidence from salmon farming, by Asche and Tveratas; Section 2: production, supply and markets; Bioeconomic evaluation of substitution of balanced feed with chaya leaves in tilapia production, by Gaspar Roman Poot-Lopez and Eucario Gasca-Leyva; Modelling risks in the salmon industry and markets, by Leif Jarle Asheim, Gudbrand Lien, James W. Richardson, Ragnar Tveteras, and Frode Veggeland; Mathematical bioeconomic modelling of the interaction between aquaculture and open-sea fisheries, by Gervasio Antonelli, Gian Italo Bischi and Fabio Lamantia; An interpretative model of aquaculture multifunctionality: a methodological framework definition, by G. De Blasi, C. Acciani, A. De Bon and R. Roma; Assessing the competitiveness of EU mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture industries, by Konstantinos Polymeros, Efthimia Tsakiridou and Konstadinos Mattas; Production performance indicators with externalities: environmentally-adjusted productivity and efficiency indicators of a sample of semi-intensive shrimp farms in Mexico, by Francisco J. Martinez-Cordero and PingSun Leung; Sustainability as compromise: an analysis of the farm-level trade-offs between development objectives in Philippine aquaculture, by James R. Stevenson and Xavier T. Irz.; Section 3: marketing, demand and consumption; European consumer's awareness, attitudes and behaviour towards farmed versus wild fish, by W. Verbeke and Karen Brunso; Italian consumption of wild and farmed fish: demand and elasticity estimation, by M. Gerolimetto, C. Mauracher and I. Procedano; A preliminary study on the international marketing of shrimp, by A. Castellini, A. Ragazzoni, and T. Valentini; Taste changes and demographics in Spanish seafood consumption, by Joaquin A. Millan and Natalia Aldaz; Economic viability of polyculture of Nile tilapia and Australian redclaw crayfish in Yucatan State, Mexico; Section 4: Case studies; Fisheries through an investigation into a small pelagic fishery in the Italian Adriatic Sea, by A. Finco, G. Di Pronio, M. Occhionero and G. Sirolla; Evaluation of internalisation processes in environmental management systems: the case of aquaculture and offshore mussel farming, by Giulio Malorgio; Fisheries and aquaculture in the lagoon of Orbetello, by Simone Martino; Conclusions, by Ken Thomson; List of participants opportunity educator and employer. comments to: mailbox copyright: 2003 The Regents of the University of Minnesota