Research in German-English Machine Translation on Syntactic Level. Volume II

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Details of research in theoretical linguistics, descriptive linguistics, lexicography and systems design pertinent to the Linguistics Research System for Mechanical Translation of the Linguistics Research Center are described. The theoretical group designed the format of cf grammars with rule schemata and the algorithms which process such grammars. The translation model was improved to permit translation over 'standard strings', kernel sentences derived mechanically from the analysis of surface strings. Work in descriptive linguistics concentrated on the description of phrasal constructions in German and English; during the last part of the report period, conversion of surface grammars to subscript grammar format was begun. Work in lexicography resulted in preliminary word lists of 10,000 English and 17,000 German verb entries containing some of the information about the syntactic-semantic environment the verbs require. The systems group converted the greater part of the LRS IBM 7040 programs to operate on a Control Data 6600 computer. (Author)

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To read the full-text of this research,
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The underlying algorithm can be used for automatic indexing. It is supposed to analyze every inflected German noun automatically by reducing it to its proper standard form and by distinguishing every inflected noun from non-inflected ones. The algorithm starts out with two presuppositions:1.Nouns first of all must be considered to be the key words for automatic indexing as they contain the most relevant information of all parts of speech, and as they have statistically the greatest frequency.2.Since in German we use capital letters for every noun we are able to distinguish homographs of parts of speech to a large extent.
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