A Guide for Recertification of Ground Based Pressure Vessels and Liquid Holding Tanks



This guideline supports the USAF recertification requirements contained in the 'Standard General Requirements for Safe Design and Operation of Pressurized Missile and Space Systems,' MIL-STD-1522. In addition, this guideline has wide applicability to vessels containing high pressure gases, cryogenics, hypergolics, or other hazardous fluids. The overall objective of this guideline is to present a step-by-step methodology designed to evaluate the current condition of vessels which have been in operation for a number of years in a wide variety of service environments. The methodology presented addressed four major areas which may be the root cause of service-related failures: (1) corrosion, (2) stress and fatigue, (3) design, fabrication, and installation, and (4) operation and maintenance. The methodology for recertification of vessels and tanks is divided into five phases: (1) documentation retrieval and review, (2) engineering assessment, (3) inspection and test planning, (4) inspection and test implementation, and (5) safe-life evaluation and inservice inspection plan initiation. Keywords: Pressure vessels, Certification, Recertification, Residual life assessment, Failure prevention, Nondestructive testing.

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