Pulsed spectrometer for nuclear quadrupole resonance for remote detection of nitrogen in explosives

Kaliningrad State University, Królewiec, Kaliningrad, Russia
Review of Scientific Instruments (Impact Factor: 1.61). 03/2000; 71(4):1656-1659. DOI: 10.1063/1.1150514
We describe a pulsed spectrometer for detection of nuclear quadrupole resonance on the nuclei of nitrogen N-14 with fast Fourier transform. The use of a multipulse sequence, four channel system for data registration and processing permits detection of the nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) signal in the presence of strong interference and the piezo effect. Using this spectrometer we registered the NQR signal from an explosive sample of 150 g (92% RDX) at a distance of 22 cm, and the time of detection was 81 s. © 2000 American Institute of Physics.


Available from: G. V. Mozzhukhin, Jun 05, 2015