Colorectal Polyps: The Scope and Management of the Problem

ArticleinThe American Journal of the Medical Sciences 336(5):407-17 · December 2008with2 Reads
Impact Factor: 1.39 · DOI: 10.1097/MAJ.0b013e31817d2402 · Source: PubMed


    Colorectal cancer affects over 150,000 individuals yearly, and accounts for over 50,000 deaths. Much of the benefit of colorectal cancer screening has been attributed to detection and removal of adenomatous polyps, highlighting the importance of colorectal polyps as targets for intervention and as biomarkers for colorectal cancer risk. This review details the epidemiology of sporadic colorectal polyps, rationale behind use of polyps as an important surrogate for colorectal cancer risk, the benefits and limitations of secondary prevention of colorectal polyps through chemopreventive and dietary interventions, as well as colon surveillance.