Teachers Teaching Teachers: The Belen Goals 2000 Professional Development Project

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Belen Public Schools (New Mexico) received a Goals 2000 grant for teacher education and technology integration. The Belen Goals 2000 professional development project established two three-day teachers-teaching-teachers workshops. The first focused on using an integrated software package and the second focused on using e-mail and the Internet. Workshops de-emphasized the mechanics of technology and concentrated on integrating technology within the curriculum. They were structured to engage attendees in model lessons, with attendees becoming content-area learners while also learning about technology integration. In order to assess the level of teacher concerns related to the integration of technology as a change or innovation, the Stages of Concern About the Innovation Questionnaire (SoCQ) was administered to participants. The instrument was based on a seven stage developmental model: awareness, information, personal, management, consequence, collaboration, and refocusing. Findings indicated that the workshops changed teachers in subtle and emerging ways; yet this data points only in the direction of change, not toward substantial or deep changes in educational practices. (AEF)

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To read the full-text of this research,
you can request a copy directly from the authors.

... Second, support from administrators at the school level often determines whether or not the trained teacher has the time and resources to provide meaningful training opportunities to other teachers. Follow-up support for the mentor teachers is necessary and is often provided through a university partnership, a technology coordinator, or an on-line community (Norton & Sprague, 1998;Maddin, 1997;Poole & Moran, 1998;McGrath & Baron, 1998). ...
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The integration of new learning technologies into the process of course delivery presents a significant challenge for staff development teams in universities. Academics are expected to be multi-skilled in managing the technologies that support online learning as well as how to apply them in ways that represent good teaching practice. This paper will review, compare and analyse current approaches adopted by universities in order to prepare their academics for teaching in online learning environments. This review of staff development methodologies will identify current issues in regard to staff development approaches and potential directions to address these.
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