The MIRA method for DNA methylation analysis

Article (PDF Available)inMethods in Molecular Biology 507:65-75 · February 2009with25 Reads
DOI: 10.1007/978-1-59745-522-0_6 · Source: PubMed
DNA methylation patterns are often altered in human cancer and aberrant methylation is considered a hallmark of malignant transformation. Several methods have been developed for the characterization of gene-specific and genome-wide DNA methylation patterns. In this chapter, we describe the methylated-CpG island recovery assay (MIRA), which is based on the high affinity of the MBD2b/MBD3L1 complex for double-stranded CpG-methylated DNA. MIRA has been used in combination with microarray platforms to map DNA methylation patterns across the human genome.