Measuring Attitudes Toward Participation in Cancer Treatment and Cancer Prevention Trials: The Attitudes Toward Cancer Trials Scales (ACTS)

ArticleinJournal of Nursing Measurement 16(2):136-52 · February 2008with1 Read
DOI: 10.1891/1061-3749.16.2.136 · Source: PubMed


    This investigation aimed to develop psychometric instruments that measure attitudes toward participating in cancer treatment trials (CTs) and cancer prevention trials (CPTs), that is, the Attitudes Toward Cancer Trials Scales (ACTS). A conceptualized construct of attitudes toward CTs
    and CPTs guided the writing of items for psychometric measurement. An expert panel assessment condensed reduced items to 116, and these were formatted into a self-report written survey. Data collection occurred within multiple settings, targeting an ethnically diverse sample (N = 312).
    Item and principal component analyses empirically supported the Attitudes Toward Cancer Trials Scales (ACTS), a 2-dimensional instrument containing an 18-item CT scale (four components) and a 16-item CPT scale (3 components) with Cronbach's alpha values of .86 and .89, respectively. Four components
    comprised the CT scale: personal benefits, personal barriers and safety, personal and social value, and trust in the research process. Three components comprised the CPT scale: personal barriers and safety, altruism, and personal value. Early evidence of the internal consistency reliability
    and construct validity of the ACTS was provided by the sample.