Avian influenza. Proposed H5N1 research reviews raise concerns

Science (Impact Factor: 33.61). 12/2012; 338(6112):1271. DOI: 10.1126/science.338.6112.1271
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    ABSTRACT: Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infectious disease causing a respiratory tract infection with significant morbidity and mortality in high-risk groups. The most important tool in the fight against influenza pandemic is timely and right diagnosis. The aim of this study was determine QDs-ODN complexes. Electrochemical methods are suitable not only for the detection of metal parts of the QDs, but also for detection of target oligonucleotide. Therefore, we determined metal peaks as well as CA and G peaks. Primarily, we aimed at studying of electrochemical behaviour of Zn(II), Cd(II), Pb(II) and Cu(II) ions by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry (DPASV). Further, we compared the results with behaviour of CdS, ZnS, PbS and CuS quantum dots (QDs). Finally, we analysed complexes between oligonucleotides (ODNs) derived from influenza and the synthesized QDs not only by DPASV but also by square wave voltammetry to detect peaks of nucleic bases. We found that ODN-QDs complexes could be easily recognized by voltammetries used in this study.
    Full-text · Article · Apr 2013 · International journal of electrochemical science