Educação Física no Ensino Fundamental: identificando o conhecimento de natureza conceitual, procedimental e atitudinal

Motriz. Revista de Educação Física (Impact Factor: 0.09). 06/2004; 10(03):140-151.


The purpose of this study was to verify the knowledge characteristics to be learned in physical education classes in the four initial years of elementary education, identifying it in terms of its conceptual, procedural and attitudinal nature and discussing its pertinence in the scholastic environment. The pedagogical literature of the area was defined as the reference criterion to be investigated. Thirteen papers were selected and their content was analyzed.
The scholastic knowledge, related to teaching physical education, is composed by facts, concepts, principles, procedures, norms, values and attitudes. However, these elements of knowledge were presented in a fragmented form and not always significant. A tendency was verified in prioritizing the knowledge related to procedural nature whereas the knowledge regarding the conceptualand attitudinal nature was superficially treated and seldom pecific to physical education. Therefore, it is necessary to have an organized and systematized presentation of knowledge to be learned in physical education.

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