Conception d’une turbine éolienne installée dans une cheminée solaire

Revue des Energies Renouvelables 01/2008;


An approach based on the calculation of rotational dynamics coupled with the
speed calculation is applied to the design of turbomachines or wind turbines. In the case
of turbomachines, 3D flow is analyzed in two stages by the quasi-dimensional S2
(meridian flow) - S1 (flow dawn to dawn). In the first stage, bound and free vortices
simulating the blades are spread in a consistent way along the azimuthal direction, the
flow becomes axisymmetric and can be analyzed in the meridian S2. In the second step,
we analyze the flow blade to blade assumed confined in each layer of revolution defined
by the first step. This reverse calculation is used to the design of a wind turbine in a solar

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