Multichannel optical frequency-locked multicarrier source generation based on multichannel recirculation frequency shifter loop

Optics Letters (Impact Factor: 3.29). 11/2012; 37(22):4714-6. DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.004714
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We propose and experimentally demonstrate a novel scheme to generate multichannel optical frequency-locked multicarrier by using multichannel recirculating frequency shifter (MC-RFS) loop. By using MC-RFS loop, we can generate N channels subcarriers each round trip without interference. These subcarriers of each channel are stable and frequency-locked, which can be used for a multichannel WDM source. Finally, the double channels RFS loop is carried out for demonstration in our experiment with double-carriers source. Using this scheme, we successfully generate 54 frequency-locked subcarriers with 25 GHz frequency spacing in two channels and each channel has 27 tones.

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