Squamous cell carcinoma of the buccal mucosa: A retrospective analysis of 22 cases

ArticleinEar, nose, & throat journal 87(10):582-6 · November 2008with4 Reads
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    We examined our institution's experience with 22 cases of previously untreated buccal squamous cell carcinoma via a retrospective chart review. Eleven of these patients had been treated with a combination of surgical excision and postoperative radiation therapy, 8 patients with surgical excision alone, and 3 patients with radiation therapy alone. The overall 3-year locoregional recurrence rate was 32% (n = 7). The 3-year survival rates were 82% after surgery plus radiation (9 of 11 patients), 63% after surgery alone (5 of 8), and 33% after radiation alone (1 of 3). Three-year T-category-specific survival rates were 100% for category T1 tumors (3 of 3 patients), 73% for T2 (8 of 11), 50% for T3 (3 of 6), and 50% for T4 (1 of 2). Although the small size of our study precluded any statistically significant conclusions, we believe that locoregional control and survival rates may be greater with surgical excision plus postoperative radiation than with treatment with either modality alone.