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Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe - Moving Towards Transparency, Efficiency and Quality in Hospitals



Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG) systems were introduced in Europe to increase the transparency of services provided by hospitals and to incentivize greater efficiency in the use of resources invested in acute hospitals. In many countries, these systems were also designed to contribute to improving – or at least protecting – the quality of care. After more than a decade of experience with using DRGs in Europe, this book considers whether the extensive use of DRGs has contributed towards achieving these objectives. Written by authors with extensive experience of these systems, this book is a product of the EuroDRG project and constitutes an important resource for health policy-makers and researchers from Europe and beyond. The book is intended to contribute to the emergence of a 'common language' that will facilitate communication between researchers and policy-makers interested in improving the functioning and resourcing of the acute hospital sector. The book includes: • A clearly structured introduction to the main 'building blocks' of DRG