Sexual anorexia: A look at inhibited sexual desire.

ArticleinJournal of sex education and therapy · January 1986with240 Reads
Describes a severe inhibited sexual desire classified as sexual anorexia. Comparisons between anorexia nervosa and sexual anorexia are made and definitions and illustrations are presented of the 4 most significant characteristics of this self-perpetuating disorder both from intrapsychic and interpersonal levels: (1) control—overt personal control and covert relationship power; (2) fear—fear of losing control and fear of personal sexuality; (3) anger—passive and active expressions of anger based on devaluation; and (4) justifications—an elaborate system of denial, delusion, and misperception. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)
    • "Per un pò di tempo il termine è stato utilizzato per descrivere pazienti affetti da estrema avversione per qualsiasi cosa potenzialmente sessuale. (Hardman, Gardner 1986). Il primo a proporre la diagnosi di " Anoressia Sessuale " , è stato Patrick Carnes nel 1997, nel suo libro: " Sexual Anorexia: 8. Disperazione riguardo il proprio funzionamento sessuale. "
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  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The present study examined the association among marital satisfaction, marital power, and sexual desire in a sample of 60 community couples. We predicted that marital satisfaction would be positively correlated with sexual desire and that this association would be moderated by marital power, such that marital satisfaction would be more strongly correlated with sexual desire among individuals who perceive themselves as having less power in their relationship. Results indicated that marital satisfaction was significantly associated with sexual desire, but there was no evidence for the moderating effects of various forms of marital power.
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  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: The term “sexual anorexia” has been used to describe sexual aversion disorder (DSM code 302.79), a state in which the patient has a profound disgust and horror at anything sexual in themselves and others. This article reports on a project to document and expand criteria for sexual anorexia and to discern co-morbidity with sexual addiction. At this point 144 patients have participated in an extensive assessment of sexual disorders upon admission to a treatment facility. Early data suggest important implications for further research and diagnostic criteria.
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