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A concise discussion of headache types, part 2: migraine

Article · Literature Review · October 2012
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Nearly one in four United States households includes someone with migraine. However, because migraines are unpredictable and the symptoms vary and mirror those of other headache types and other illnesses, diagnosis is difficult, but not impossible. Literature lays claim to seven migraine types, some of which are discussed within this article, and although they have similar symptoms, some types have very unique symptoms. This article represents the first part of a discussion of migraine. The continuation of the discussion of migraine includes a discussion of migraine triggers and treatments, as well as compounded formulations for the treatment of migraine.
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January 1991
    As has already been reviewed (33, 60), certain tick species or populations and strains of individual species are potentially capable of causing pathological and/or pathophysiological changes in humans and animals by inoculating noninfectious noxious substances during the repletion process. These substances are generally considered to be toxins. On the basis of different clinical manifestations... [Show full abstract]
    January 2003
      Pelvic prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, common conditions among aging women, account for 400 000 corrective surgical procedures every year.1 Studies of comparative anatomy have found that these pelvic floor disorders are, with few exceptions, unique to bipeds. Among four-legged animals, the abdominal wall provides primary support for the abdominal and pelvic contents. In humans,... [Show full abstract]
      October 2012 · International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
        Understanding the complexity of migraine is not a simple procedure. Migraine is a neurological disease, like epilepsy; an extremely debilitating collection of neurological symptoms. This article, which is a conclusion of a three-part article, discusses the triggers of and treatment for migraine, to include formulations. Also included in this article are brief introductory comments on the topic... [Show full abstract]
        October 2012 · International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding
          Except for head colds, headaches are probably the most common human ailment, and historical evidence supports the fact that earlier man suffered from ailments of the head. With over 150 diagnostic headache categories having been established, the diagnosis and treatment of headache is not a simple process. The severity, symptoms, and causes of headache vary. This article, which is Part 1 of a... [Show full abstract]
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