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Simplifying UIMA Component Development and Testing with Java Annotations and Dependency Injection

  • University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus


Developing within the Apache UIMA project framework presents challenges when writing and testing components in Java. Challenges stem from the relationship between the Java source code implement-ing the components and the corresponding UIMA XML descriptor files describing configuration and deployment settings. Java Annotations and Dependency Injection can be used to establish a stronger separation of concerns between framework integration and core component implemen-tation, thus freeing the developer from commonly repeated tasks and allowing simplified development and testing.
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... Los componentes UIMA se configuran mediante ficheros descriptores XML que indican al framework cómo deben instanciarse y desplegarse en tiempo de ejecución [Roeder et al., 2009]. UimaFIT 2 proporciona un mecanismo de anotaciones Java para describir directamente en el código fuente de los componentes UIMA. ...
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We summarize our experiences building a comprehensive suite of tests for a statistical natural language processing toolkit, ClearTK. We describe some of the challenges we encountered, introduce a software project that emerged from these efforts, summarize our resulting test suite, and discuss some of the lessons learned.