Nevus of Ota in children

ArticleinCutis; cutaneous medicine for the practitioner 82(1):25-9 · August 2008with15 Reads
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    Nevus of Ota, synonymously termed oculodermal melanosis, is an uncommon dermal melanosis most commonly seen at birth in children of Japanese descent, though it can affect individuals of any age or ethnicity. The disease tends to persist and extend locally, becoming increasingly prominent with age, puberty, and postmenopausal state. Treatment should begin early after diagnosis using multiple sessions of laser photothermolysis to avoid darkening and extension of the lesion. Important associated disorders include ipsilateral glaucoma; intracranial melanocytosis; and rarely cutaneous, ocular, or intracranial melanoma. Recommendations are discussed for managing nevus of Ota in children.