Demonstration of reconfigurable electro-optical logic with silicon photonic integrated circuits

Optics Letters (Impact Factor: 3.29). 10/2012; 37(19):3942-4. DOI: 10.1364/OL.37.003942
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We demonstrate a scalable and reconfigurable optical directed-logic architecture consisting of a regular array of integrated optical switches based on microring resonators. The switches are controlled by electrical input logic signals through embedded p-i-n junctions. The circuit can be reconfigured to perform any combinational logic operation by thermally tuning the operation modes of the switches. Here we show experimentally a directed logic circuit based on a 2×2 array of switches. The circuit is reconfigured to perform arbitrary two-input logic functions.

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Available from: Lin Yang, Mar 02, 2014
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    • "Directed logic is a newly proposed innovative paradigm for performing logical operation, which employs a specific optical switch network to implement digital optical logic [5]–[9]. Various directed optical logic circuits have been proposed and demonstrated [10]–[14]. One of the most important logical operations in digital computation and communication is the XOR logical operation, which is indispensable in encoding and decoding schemes, and can be used in many occasions such as half adder, parity checking, and data encryption/decryption, etc. "
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    ABSTRACT: We propose and demonstrate a directed optical logic circuit, which can perform the XOR and XNOR logical operations based on U-to-U waveguides and two microring resonators. Compared to the previous structure, no waveguide crossings exist in the proposed circuit, which is beneficial to reduce the insertion loss and crosstalk of the device. Two electrical signals representing the two operands of the logical operation are employed to modulate two microring resonators through the thermo-optic effect, respectively. The operation result is represented by the output optical signal. For proof of principle, XOR and XNOR operations at 10 kb/s are demonstrated.
    Full-text · Article · Jan 2013 · IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
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    ABSTRACT: We present an electrically tunable optical device with ultra-broadband tunability operating in 2-10 μm spectrum. We also, for the first time, optically observe resistive switching behavior in reflection measurements under electrical bias.
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    ABSTRACT: Active beam-steering devices near the optical frequencies have long been sought after due to their applications in communication, defense, and display technologies; however, the challenge lies in achieving actively tunable structures near these frequencies. An array of metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic resonators is demonstrated as a dynamic beam-steering device to operate at midinfrared wavelengths. We numerically demonstrate continuous-angle beam steering of 8.75° by making use of tunable properties of silicon as the active dielectric. The proposed device achieves a refractive index insensitive divergence angle and it operates in a 650 nm wide spectral window around 10 μm wavelength. The results of this Letter pave the way to exploiting active beam steering in various applications at midinfrared wavelengths.
    No preview · Article · Mar 2013 · Optics Letters
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