FOOD IN HEALTH AND DISEASE 04/2012; 1(1):44-54.


The meat industry is one of the most important branches of food industry, which requires continuous introduction of new products, whether due to market demand, either due to the pressures of competition in the sector. The development of functional foods has led to testing of the influence of one or more ingredients with functional activity and their addition in different types of food products, under which meat and meat products deserve special attention. This type of research and new product launches are directed towards providing a healthy alternative products, for those which were often identified as the cause of the different types of diseases. The occurrence of bad image of meat mainly affect the high fat content, especially saturated fat, cholesterol and related cardiovascular disease, some cancers, obesity and others.During numerous studies, the authors have tried to change the current image of meat and meat products as well as traditional products, which are not the best for human health, the new image products with favorable effects on health. This is due to several factors that act in the same direction: adding or eliminate or decrease quantity of added ingredients. This article presents an overview of papers published in recent years on new product development opportunities in this sector, with particular analysis of changes that have taken place in the traditional meat industry affected by the latest research in the field of design and production of functional foods.

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