Induction of Recursive Transfer Rules

Article · July 1999with12 Reads
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    Transfer rules are used in bi-lingual translation systems for transferring a logical representation of a source language sentence into a logical representation of the corresponding target language sentence. This work studies induction of transfer rules from examples of corresponding pairs of source-target quasi logical formulae (QLFs). The main features of this problem are: i) more than one rule may need to be produced from a single example, ii) only positive examples are provided and iii) the produced hypothesis should be recursive. In an earlier study of this problem, a system was proposed in which hand-coded heuristics were employed for identifying non-recursive correspondences. In this work we study the case when non-recursive transfer rules have been given to the system instead of heuristics. Results from a preliminary experiment with English-French QLFs are presented, demonstrating that this information is sufficient for the generation of generally applicable rules that can be us...