Water, energy and life: Fresh views from the water's edge

Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA.
International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics 12/2010; 5(1):27-29. DOI: 10.2495/DNE-V5-N1-27-29
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Recent observations have shown an unexpected feature of water adjacent to hydrophilic surfaces: the presence of wide interfacial zone that excludes solutes. The exclusion zone is charged, while the water beyond is oppositely charged, yielding a battery-like feature. The battery is powered by absorbed radiant energy. Implications of this energetic feature are discussed. It appears that the presence of this 'exclusion zone' may play an important role in the behavior of aqueous systems.

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    • "These signals are mediated in cells by the cytoplasm, in which water is in a structurized state, known as exclusion zones [51] [53], and plays an important role [53]. According to [54], water is able to form coherent domains, which can store the energy of the electromagnetic field and release it at the resonant frequency. "
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, we analyze biological effects produced by magnetic fields in order to elucidate the physical mechanisms, which can produce them. We show that there is a chierarchy of such mechanisms and that the mutual interplay between them can result in the synergetic outcome. In particular, we analyze the biological effects of magnetic fields on soliton mediated charge transport in the redox processes in living organisms. Such solitons are described by nonlinear systems of equations and represent electrons that are self-trapped in alpha-helical polypeptides due to the moderately strong electron-lattice interaction. They represent a particular type of disssipativeless large polarons in low-dimensional systems. We show that the effective mass of solitons in the is different from the mass of free electrons, and that there is a resonant effect of the magnetic fields on the dynamics of solitons, and, hence, on charge transport that accompanies photosynthesis and respiration. These effects can result in non-thermal resonant effects of magnetic fields on redox processes in particular, and on the metabolism of the organism in general. This can explain physical mechanisms of therapies based on applying magnetic fields.
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    • "A sign that interfacial water is excited is a voltage difference at the boundary between interfacial water and bulk water, as predicted by Szent-Györgyi [30]; and that was observed not long after his proposal (see [24]). A vivid demonstration of interfacial water hundreds of microns thick next to the surface of a hydrophilic gel was presented by Gerald Pollack and his team at University of Washington Seattle [31] (see also [32] [33] [34]), which excludes microspheres as well as other solutes such as proteins and dyes, and hence referred to as an 'exclusion zone' (EZ). "
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    ABSTRACT: Everyone knows water is essential for life, and generations of scientists have marvelled at the properties of water that make it especially f t for life. Yet this simple, ubiquitous chemical compound has remained completely mysterious until quite recently. New evidence is beginning to unlock the mysteries. Liquid water is quantum coherent even at ordinary temperatures and pressure. It associates with macromolecules and membranes in a liq-uid crystalline conf guration that enables enzymes and nucleic acids to function as quantum molecular machines that transform and transfer energy at close to 100% eff ciency. Liquid crystalline water at interfaces also provides the excitation energy that enables it to split into hydrogen and oxygen in photosynthesis, simultaneously generat-ing electricity for intercommunication and for the redox chemistry that ultimately powers the entire biosphere. Water is the means, medium and message of life; ‘the rainbow within that mirrors the one in the sky’.
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    • "We are now in the position to give a rationale to the observed difference between normal bulk water and the water present in living organisms (Pagnotta and Bruni, 2007; Zhou et al., 2009). In recent times the existence of peculiar properties of the water close to surfaces has been reported (Pollack, 2010, and references therein). 11. "
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    ABSTRACT: Living organisms and ecosystems have been shown to be sensitive to very weak signals originating very far away. The dynamics governing these phenomena is discussed in the framework of Quantum Field Theory. This phenomenon gives an indication on the dynamics responsible for the exchange of information in ecosystems. The peculiar role of coherent water is stressed. It is shown that energy is able to travel in a coherent medium in form of solitons, without any losses.
    Full-text · Article · Aug 2011 · Ecological Modelling
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