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Quantitative Analysis of Total Phenolic, Flavonoids and Tannin Contents in Acetone and n-hexane Extracts of Ageratum conyzoides

Ageratum conyzoides an annual herbaceous plant is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Present study was aimed to quantitative analysis of total phenolic, total flavonoids, tannin content present in different extracts. Total phenolic content is significantly high (P<0.05) in n-hexane extract 34.62 ± 0.94 mg of GAE/gm of extract as compared to acetone extract 25.70 ± 2.00 mg of GAE/gm of extract. Similarly significant high (P<0.05) concentrations of flavonoids (1172.55 ± 17.69 mg Quercetin/gm dried extract) and non-tannin content (12.30 ± 0.97 mg of GAE/gm of extract) have been observed in n-hexane extract as compared to acetone extract. Thus study suggested that n-hexane extract of plant have more potential in scavenging the free radicals/ROS as compared to acetone extract.

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