Conference Paper

Soil properties and K plant status affect Cs uptake by Lolium perenne plants

Conference: CEMEPE 2011


The effect of soil properties and K-status on plant tissues on Cs uptake in the shoots of Lolium perenne plants was studied under greenhouse condition. The plants were grown on four different soil types, contaminated with 40 mg kg -1 of Cs and sown at 60 and 420 days after contamination (treatments). According to the results, significant variations on Cs uptake by Lolium perenne plants were observed among different soil types and treatments, with clay content and ction exchange capacity to influence greatly Cs uptake. Regardless to soil type or treatment, Cs concentration decreased, as K content increased in shoots in both cuts of the plants, suggesting a direct competition between Cs + and K + ions during the process of accumulation. Plants preferential uptake K + over Cs + ions, as it seemed from the DF values that were below unity in all treatments.

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