Suicidality and the economic crisis in Greece - Authors’ reply

The Lancet (Impact Factor: 45.22). 07/2012; 380(9839). DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)61245-8


The time series published in July, 2012, by the Greek Statistics Authority does not suggest any increase in suicide rates throughout the decade: the number of completed suicides for 2010 was 377, similar to that of 2009 (391) and 2008 (373).
As we have suggested, and Economou and colleagues agree, attempts and reported attempts or suicidal thoughts are quite different from completed suicides. Although it is good news that so far there is no increase in completed suicides, it is important to note that Greece experienced extreme indices of crisis
(eg, unemployment rate above 17%) only after late 2011, so any conclusions might be immature.

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