LearNet: A Location-Based Social Networking Methodology for Learner Group Forming

Conference Paper · April 2012with10 Reads

Conference: International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2012)


    The benefits of collaboration in learning have widely been discussed in the literature. Our position is that location-based social networks can facilitate location-based group formation for learners and support face-to-face collaboration. In this paper, we present a methodology (LearNet) that is focused on the learner’s past and current location(s) as a key criterion for recommending peers for collaboration. In particular, we discuss a location-based social networking model (OnLocEd) for online learners that can help learners discover content, events, and people in proximity to their current location. The OnLocEd methodology utilizes LearNet to group learners in our social navigation network system (SoNavNet).